Cardiff’s Local Well-being Assessment 2017

Published in March 2017, the assessment provided the basis for developing the Local Well-being Plan (2018-23).

It comprises of

  • Summary Document providing the context for the development of the Assessment and highlighting some of its main findings.
  • Cardiff’s Liveable City Report 2017 which gives an overview of Cardiff’s well-being.
  • Neighbourhood Well-being Assessments which look in more detail at the well-being of each of Cardiff’s six neighbourhood partnership areas, in order to highlight some of the differences between the city’s communities:

Evidence Base

The evidence base used to inform Cardiff’s Well-being Assessment, included:

  • The 46 National Indicators for well-being (where data was available);
  • Ask Cardiff survey indicators; and
  • Indicators recommended by Public Services Board partners and other stakeholders.


The following additional data sources and reviews were also taken into account:

  • Ask Cardiff Survey 2016
  • Climate change risk assessment for Wales
  • Natural Resources Wales (NRW) Area statement
  • Childcare sufficiency assessment
  • Nursery Provision
  • Play Sufficiency Assessment
  • Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 Population Needs Assessment
  • Crime and Disorder Act 1998 – Strategic assessments
  • Local Development Plan
  • Welsh Government Future Trends Report
  • 2015 What Matters Strategic Needs Assessment