Local Well-being Plan 2018-2023

The Cardiff Public Services Board’s (PSB’s) first Local Well-being Plan set out partnership priorities for action over the years 2018 to 2023.

The PSB identified seven priority areas (or Well-being Objectives) for the focus of its work:

  • A Capital City that works for Wales
  • Cardiff grows in a resilient way
  • Safe, confident and empowered communities
  • Cardiff is a great place to grow up
  • Supporting people out of poverty
  • Cardiff is a great place to grow older
  • Modernising and integrating our public services

Evidence Base

The Plan responded to a wide-ranging evidence base on the quality of life and public services in Cardiff, and how these might change over the years to come.

This included:

  • Cardiff’s Local Well-being Assessment: a comprehensive study of the quality of life in Cardiff undertaken in 2017.
  • The views of the people of Cardiff: a programme of engagement on the development of the plan.
  • Cardiff Future Trends Report: a report for the Cardiff Public Services Board that sets out the long term trends facing Cardiff and the impact these will have on the city’s public services.
  • Future Generations Commissioner’s Advice: To assist Public Services Boards (PSB) in developing their Well-being Plans, the Future Generations Commissioner is required under Section (42) of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act to provide advice on how to take steps to meet the PSB’s draft objectives.

Annual Reports

Each Annual Report provides an overview of the work and projects undertaken by partners to help the PSB deliver its Well-being Plan (2018-23):